Heavy-duty material handling systems
for aluminium cast house and smelters

Increase your productivity with our heavy-duty material handling, processing and packaging systems.
EPIQ Machinery engineers and manufactures mission critical material handling and processing systems
for world leading primary aluminium smelters and secondary cast houses worldwide.

We can take on your toughest challenges. Our goal? Increase your productivity with more than 5 decades of successful business that speak for themselves.

EPIQ AD is your partner in improving your productivity in your aluminium casthouse. Our group of highly trained engineers, designers, and project managers will help you get the most of your aluminium plant on time and within your budget.

We take pride in developing new equipment or an overall material handling solution for your specific cast house requirement. Contact us today!


  • Alumina

    Rake drive system

    Descaling robotic arm

  • Carbon Plant Systems

    Anode handling and cleaning systems

    Material handling systems for carbon anodes for global supply to smelters.

    At the heart of every modern smelter carbon operation is the anode handling and cleaning system. This system ties together the Green Anode Plant, the Bake Furnace, the rodding shop and provides green and baked anode storage to buffer the different processing speeds of each of the carbon plant’s processes. EPIQ Machinery experience in the provision of these systems to the world’s largest and most automated carbon plants makes us the ideal supply partner. These systems need to be rugged for the harsh environment and at the same time, need to manage the flow of anodes in such a way as to optimize the processing off all the key anode forming, baking and rodding operations.


    Our systems include the following state of the art equipment and systems:

    • Heavy Duty Roller Conveyors
    • Upenders and down enders
    • Elevators
    • Baked anode separators (for the case where anodes get fused together during the baking process)
    • Anode Cleaning Machines c/w stub hole cleaning and machining
    • Dust and Packing coke collection and recovery including dilute phase and dense phase conveyance.
    • Core Drill (sampling) Stations for taking samples for quality verification
    • Anode inspection stations
    • Anode Storage and retrieval cranes
    • Anode Management systems including plant wide SCADA

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    Bake furnace maintenance

    As an accessory to EPIQ Machinery world leading anode handling and cleaning systems, we offer all the required anode bake furnace maintenance tools including:

    • Furnace wall building machine
    • Furnace wall removal / tear out grabs (under the hook)
    • Wall straightener
    • Flue Wall Brushing Machine
    • Anode Grabs
    • Spreader Bars for handling and storing replacement flue walls
    • Flue wall maintenance platforms – elevator type

    Anode tilter

    Anode slot cutting machine

    P&f conveyor

    Stacking crane

    Anode cleaning station

  • Rod Shop

    Hooking / unhooking

    Anode repair shop

    Carbon breaking and stripping machine

    Iron tromel

    Pins black wash and drying-station

    Butt shot blasting machine

    Stem brushing machine

    Rodding bench

  • Electrolysis

    Pot ramming machine (prm)

    Lifting beam

  • Cast House Systems

    EPIQ Machinery engineers and manufactures mission critical material handling and processing systems for world leading primary aluminium smelters and secondary cast houses worldwide.

    Extrusion billet batch homogenizing systems


    Fully automated or semi-automated material handling for extrusion billets for homogenizing and on to sawing operations

    EPIQ Machinery designs and builds a highly efficient automatic aluminium batch homogenizing build and break down system.  One advantage we have over our competitors is that our gantry system does not touch the aluminium billets.

    All motions that we make during the transfer of the extrusion billets are made in linear motions. This improves the reliably and position of the billet at the transfer point.


    Our solution ensures;

    • uniform load growth during the homogenizing cycles
    • linear motions for aluminium billet transfer – no log rolling
    • robust billet homogenizing furnace spacers to prevent loads from shifting

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    Extrusion billet sawing and packaging systems

    Fully automated or semi-automated material handling for extrusion billets for internal or external supply EPIQ Machinery provides its customers with the worlds most automated and productive aluminium extrusion billet sawing and packaging systems.  Our solutions can be either automatic or semi-automatic and will package the billets and logs for internal use or to supply your customer.  The billets and logs are typically prepared to industrial shipping standards but, we can design the packaging line to meet your specific needs.


    These systems are tailored to suit customer production requirements and include:

    • High speed and robust roller conveyors
    • High capacity accumulation conveyors
    • Smooth and quiet 90 degree pick and place transfer devices
    • High speed circular saws or band saws
    • Length gauge stops with integrated programmable pin marking systems
    • Automatic Billets stacking machines
    • Automatic Billet Strapping machines using steel or plastic strapping and having the capability to insert woodrunners
    • Package weighing
    • Saw chip collection
    • Saw chip briquetting
    • Ultrasonic Inspection Stations
    • Level 0 and 1 instrumentation and control systems with option Level 2 SCADA

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    Slab and t-ingot sawing systems

    Robust systems for receiving Ingots from vertical casting machine and then cutting them and packing them for downstream processing.


    For the handling and high speed cutting, marking, and packaging of Slabs, T-Bars, and plates, EPIQ Machinery provides complete automated systems.


    These systems are designed for the specific handling of vertically direct chill (VDC) cast ingots. The equipment is ultra heavy duty to assure reliability and high uptime in the face of the heavy loads and occasional operator abuse.

    Systems include:

    • Ingot downenders
    • Roller Conveyors
    • Squaring devices
    • High Speed Circular or Band Sawing Machines
    • Fully integrated weigh stations
    • Automatic pin marking, ink jet marking and labelling systems
    • Automatic stacking, strapping and packing per customer requirements
    • Automatic ultrasonic inspection

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    Melt furnace charging and tending machines

    Rail bound aluminium scrap furnace charge car and furnace tending machines.


    For both upgrades of existing casthouses and for new cast houses, EPIQ Machinery designs and builds rail bound scrap furnace charging machines and furnace tending machines.  Benefits associated with such charging and tending systems include increased throughput, reduction of damage to the furnace linings, ability to use a greater percentage of scrap, reduction of gas usage, and increased operator safety.

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    Sow casting systems

    EPIQ Machinery designs and builds a full range of sow casting systems from 5 to 40 tonne per hour in both air cooled and water cooled versions.  These systems can be very basic and used as a back-up to other more sophisticated casting machines or they can be fully automated with a marking and packing line and used as mission critical processing lines.


    Our systems include:

    • Gantry style cranes for crucible transportation
    • Crucible tilter stations
    • Robotic or dedicated skimming stations
    • Sow mould train or turntable style
    • Sow moulds
    • Vacuum de-moulding/ sow extraction machines
    • Secondary water cooling
    • Sow weighing and marking stations
    • Sow stacking
    • Sow accumulation conveyors

    Custom heavy handling and packaging systems

    EPIQ Machinery can custom engineer machines of all types for automatic or semi-automatic material handling operations.

    Examples of such machines are:

    • Ultra heavy duty roller and chain type conveyors
    • Bridge cranes, Gantry Cranes, ASRS Cranes
    • Rail Bound transfer cars – optional battery operation and wireless control
    • Robotic pick and place (up to 1000 kg payloads)
    • Industrial Weighing, marking, labelling

  • Aftermarket Services

    Aftermarket Services

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