EPIQ Mecfor maintains a close and prolific cooperation with major industry actors to better understand their concerns, and by the same token, to design applied solutions to fit their needs. Proven technology; proven results.

Mobile: conventional or custom-made

The company’s offer is deployed in a range of mobile and custom-made equipment. EPIQ Mecfor has installed equipment in each sector of operation of an aluminum smelter: alumina, carbon, electrolysis and foundry. Mecfor equipment is sturdy; a proven technology that meets constraints faced by the industry.

Innovative equipment

Our equipment meets modern criteria. In its design process, EPIQ Mecfor engineering team integrates various components that make it easier to track equipment status, maintenance and even standardize how operations are done. On the lookout for innovations and technical improvements available through our network of elite suppliers, Mecfor designs and manufactures state-of-the-art equipment with an unmatched operational lifespan in the industry.

We can take on your toughest challenges. Our goal? Increase your productivity with more than 5 decades of successful business that speak for themselves.

EPIQ Mecfor is your partner in improving your productivity in your aluminium casthouse. Our group of highly trained engineers, designers, and project managers will help you get the most of your aluminium plant on time and within your budget.

We take pride in developing new equipment or an overall material handling solution for your specific cast house requirement. Contact us today!


  • Carbon Plant Systems/Pot Room

    Industrial hauling solutions (MTA & MTC)

    Leader on the North American market, EPIQ Mecfor MTA/MTC Haulers provide safe transportation of anode and/or molten metal.

    Several models are available to accommodate the operations and space constraints of aluminum smelters. From the MTC30 (narrow model) to MTC50 (wide model), your operators’ teams will be able to drive with ease in the pot rooms. The expertise of magnetic field interferences developed by our product specialists makes vehicles both safe and reliable.


    Our MTA/MTC family of vehicles is the best possible choice when it comes to standardizing your fleet. Since Mecfor offers articulated haulers, it is possible to couple the tractor with different models of trailers: anodes, crucibles, crucible tilter, molten metal transfer by pressurization. Not to mention that the articulation offers a tighter turning radius compared to a rigid model. This versatility ensures constant production and maximizes equipment availability. Adding to the flexibility, the MTC Crucible Hauler is also suitable for metal pouring in its Molten Metal Transfer by Pressurization (MMTP) model.


    The MTC/MTA is powered by a diesel engine coupled to a hydrostatic transmission, offering constant torque with unlimited speed variation on the front axle. The comfortable operator’s environment offers unmatched visibility, safety and state-of-the-art controls to maximize productivity. The operator will appreciate the easy-to-use of electro proportional joystick and seat rotation, as well as the control modules that enable both front and rear driving and vision. The vehicle is also equipped with a Sauer-Danfoss controller that gathers and stores vital operational and diagnostic information.

    • Reliable and efficient
    • Permutability between various trailer types coupled to the tractor MTC/MTA
    • Safe, comfortable, ergonomic for operators;
    • Design to quick maintenance with easy accesses to components
    • Double steering allowing front driving at all time
    • Sturdy and Durable components

    Anode haulers

    Crucible haulers

    Crucible tilting

    Molten metal transfer by pressurization (MMTP)

    Molten metal transport – MMT

    Bath tapping vehicle (MVR-MAC)

    Mecfor tow tractor – MTT

  • Cast House Systems

    Today, with the production capacities in place, smelter operations need to be done faster and more efficiently than ever before. What would happen if, as much as possible, operators could avoid manual operations? What would happen if most smelter operations could be done using a multifunctional vehicle coupled with dedicated tools? What if a multifunctional vehicle, such as EPIQ Mecfor MVR or MVA, with smart tools could help standardizing processes while reducing maintenance costs?


    For several years, EPIQ Mecfor has been offering a concept of great versatility. This concept is called: “Smart Casthouse solution”, where an MVR or MVA operates as many tools as needed with a hydraulic coupling.


    Easy, fast and efficient

    With EPIQ Mecfor Smart Casthouse solution, the number of dedicated vehicles required for furnace charging, tending, and skimming operations can be significantly reduced. The multifunctional vehicle and its tools, which can be interchanged in less than thirty seconds, also reduce maintenance costs, increase uptime and energy loss associated with the smelter process. This, while improving the quality of the metal and ensuring the safety of operations.
    Through a hydraulic connection, Mecfor’s QuicKonnect system operates a wide variety of modular tools that perform specialized and dedicated tasks including furnace skimming, cleaning, scrap loading, alloying and stirring. The types of tools currently available are, but are not limited to: loading clamps, fork rotators, scrap pusher tool system, dump bucket, scrapers, combs and skimming tools, all are firmly and securely connected.


    Hydraulic power opens a wide range of possibilities for the development of tools that better fit to the realities of today’s modern smelters. Complete cycle in a smelter can be carried out by the operator using a single vehicle without having to leave the comfort of his air-conditioned cabin. The fenestration of the cabin is designed so that the visibility of the operator is optimum with a full panoramic view at all times. In addition, thanks to the option of double steering of the vehicle, it is possible to drive from front, even with a load.



    The use of two multifunctional vehicles, MVR or MVA, with a series of interchangeable tools offers the great flexibility of being able to carry out all the smelter operations using one vehicle or the other. Reliability engineers will be pleased to see that the use of the vehicle is optimized and that the sturdy tools have a very long life from the industry average.


    Cost reduction

    Since smelter operations are performed quicker, the efficiency of the production is based on the reduction of the execution time while maintaining the quality of the cast metal. The availability of optimized tools in the smelter is essential.


    Increased productivity

    Smelters using Mecfor QuicKonnect technology benefit from a quick return on investment while improving the safety of their workers. Increased productivity passes through a rigorous selection of QuicKonnect tools. Significant savings are achieved by protecting the furnace refractories, thanks to the Furnace Protection System – FPS-  as well as reducing the number of vehicles and simplifying periodic mechanical maintenance. Safety, productivity, cost savings and ergonomics are the main factors taken into account in the design of Mecfor Smart Casthouse Solution.

  • AGV

    The automated guided vehicle (AGV) prototype is designed to carry crucibles of molten metal weighing up to 34 tons but can also be used to transport various loads in harsh environments.


    The vehicle is able to maneuver in completely autonomous fashion within complex environments posing numerous challenges, such as strong magnetic fields, dust, wide temperature variations and constant interactions with workers and other equipment.


    The innovative vehicle was created in part from a need to reduce the industry’s ecological footprint, and thus represents a first step toward the ultimate goal: to help Mecfor’s customers achieve their zero-emission objectives and offer environmentally responsible ingots.


  • Aftermarket Services
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