It is with great excitement

that from the merge between Advanced Dynamics and Mecfor, we are now able to create an Aluminum Hub of Excellence. This hub is foreseen to be at the heart of the EPIQ Machinery group of companies.


EPIQ Machinery is a unique opportunity to strengthen our position in the aluminum market, the two founding companies being leaders in their respective ranges of primary and secondary aluminum smelters. The combination of the two companies makes EPIQ a company able of supplying and improving the flow of carbon materials and processes, in potrooms and in the foundry.


Combined, Advanced Dynamics and Mecfor have more than 75 years of experience in the aluminium sector. Our global install base can be found in just about every aluminium sector around the world. For us this new hub will give us, our customers, and partners great opportunities to grow, develop new projects and be inspired to enhance existing facilities.


With Advanced Dynamics’ material handling knowledge in the carbon plant and cast house ever growing and evolving. It will now be adding to our knowledge base the addition of the Mecfor Brochot rod shop equipment. EPIQ AD will now have the capacity to supply a carbon anode plant the material handling from the green anode paste plant all the way through to the pot line. The cast house solutions will continue to advance with more automation and industry 4.0 solution will keep increasing in the near future.


The EPIQ Mecfor line will focus on specialized mobile equipment for all sectors of an aluminum smelter. This focus will allow growth in the development of new machines, automated vehicles (AGVs) and a range of intelligent vehicles. This development will offer owners and operators greater flexibility and will allow the elimination of certain high-risk or very rigorous operations in order to optimize the full potential of operators towards other value-added tasks on plant site.


Thus, EPIQ Machinery brings together the best of automated handling and processing technologies, whether aerial, land and / or mobile for heavy industry. By leveraging our strengths, we make every piece of industrial equipment excellent, performant and innovative. Driven by a passion for challenges, our team aims to exceed your expectations.