Exploring new horizons

EPIQ Mecfor likes to think outside the box. as an innovative company, all of us believe in the constructive synergy of technology transfers from one industry to another.

CAROL®, the world’s first remote controlled commercial catalyst removal robot, significantly reduces the need for people inside reactors, which increases efficiency and reduces risk.

The annealing furnace tube Handler is used to remove rollers from the convecool and heat exchanger. The equipment is autonomous and controllable by a single operator. It allows safe handling of the tubes and installation of replacement components inside the oven.

This mobile, remote-controlled equipment makes it easy to replace vibrating feeders for maintenance.


  • Nuclear & Hydrocarbon

    Nuclear & Hydrocarbon

    It is with a happy crossroads of technologies that mecfor began its activities in the petrochemical and nuclear industries.


    In the nuclear industry, Mecfor develops sophisticated articulated robots used for the removal of contaminated resins.


    As for the hydrocarbon sector, it benefits from the amphirol and robot knowledge by creating a revolutionary equipment in the extraction of catalysts in confined space: CAROL (catalyst removal) – CAROL – Robotic Catalyst Removal


    With these two applications, Mecfor improves worker safety and achieves high levels of efficiency.

    Mecfor: creativity combined with technical expertise.

    Our equipment :

    CAROL – catalyst removal

    Robot arm for resin removal

  • Mining

    Open pit mining

    Its proximity to canada’s natural resource industries allows mecfor to bring its knowledge and expertise to the benefit of the mining sector, particularly for open pit mining.


    Mining ore is an arduous operation that can be complex because of the weather conditions. To tame elements, Mecfor offers rock spreaders and water tanks. Also in its portfolio, Mecfor includes heavy truck semi-trailers and over-sized towing tools.

    Maximizing productivity, reducing costs and unplanned outages while taking advantage of manufactured equipment for maximum service life are the elements factored in Mecfor equipment.

    Our equipment :

    Ship loading booth

    Lowboy trailer

    Rock or water spreader

    Vibrating feeder handling trolley

    Tube handler for annealing furnace

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