Maintenance of Way (MOW) Equipment tailored to your needs

When it comes time to think of rail maintenance equipment for changing climates and harsh working environments, MS RAIL comes to mind.


Despite the extreme operating conditions, MS RAIL equipment is sturdy, ergonomic and among the most reliable in the industry. The company benefits from a creative and experienced team always ready to outdo the needs of its customers.
From design to manufacturing, including refurbishing and scheduled maintenance, MS RAIL presents a solid know-how in the railway sector.


MS RAIL can count on its agreement with SOCOFER, a century-old French company that works in the Maintenance of Way (MOW) equipment industry. The agreement allows to extend MS RAIL’s portfolio by adding an outstanding rail car mover.

MS RAIL mission is to manufacture innovative and effective solutions for the railroads, but also subways and trams as well as branched industrial sites.


We share values of caring, trust building and result oriented.


With our passion for challenges, we will also take on Special projects. Take a glimpse at what MS RAIL is offering.

MS RAIL flagship equipment, the Rail Changer called the Utility Track Vehicle (UTV) offers high safety standards and level of comfort for your crew.

Latest equipment to be launched, MS RAIL Vegetation Control Unit is loaded with high-level technologies for greater control over chemicals used at this task, making the equipment environmentally and community friendly.

Our Cold Air Turbo Blast blower truck eliminates the need for operators, on foot, between the rails. It also reduces the time required compared to a manual compressor system with a lance.


  • Rail Maintenance Vehicle

    Rail changer | utility track vehicle (UTV)

    MS RAIL Rail Changer, UTV model, comes with Standard functionalities:

    • Hydraulic hood
    • Hydrostatic transmission
    • External fail-safe hydraulic brake
    • Two (2) powered axles
    • 180-degrees rotation system
    • CAN control system
    • Two command seats
    • Lunchroom
    • Numerous locks for increased safety

    Lorry with crane|material handling

    Lorry trailer is used to form a convoy pulled by a towing vehicle.

    • Articulated boom loading crane
    • Hydraulic power unit on the crane driven by an electric motor
    • Floor load capacity: 6,800 kg
    • Speed: 40 km / h

    Boggie trailer

    Our boggie trailers feature :

    • Generator
    • Spacious toolboxes
    • 40-foot cargo space
    • Access ladder to the bridge
    • Removable bodyguards
    • Anti-derailment system
    • Pressurized air
    • Disc brakes
    • Locomotive light

    Looking for special requirements or different add-on; check out our Special projects sections and contact our MS Rail representative

  • Hi-Rail Maintenance Vehicle

    Cold air blower truck

    MS Rail Cold Air Blower Truck

    • Safe maintenance of switches
    • Powerful air blast dislodges snow and ice

    MSRAIL Cold Air blower truck reduces the time required compared to a manual compressor system with a lance and eliminates the need for operators, on foot, between the rails.

    Hi-rail trucks

    • Pickup truck, model F250, F350 or F550
    • Extended cabin type “full crew cab”
    • Continental hi-rail with anti-derailment system and remote deployment
    • All security systems: strobe, hi-rail high beam, grab handles
    • Auxiliary fuel tank for a total of 160 liters (option)

    Modular road/rail equipment

    • Vegetation control module
    • Catenary maintenance module
    • Crane and beam module
    • Water tank module
    • Defrost module
    • Other modules that can be adapted (e.g.: abrasives and high-pressure cleaning)

    Welding truck

    • Crane
    • Storage boxes
    • Pressurized air
    • Winch
    • Welder & accessories

    Hi-rail hydrostatic caterpillar crane

    Used for maintenance Railway infrastructure, this Hi-rail excavator offers:

    • Hydrostatic transmission
    • Self propelled
    • Reduce wear on tires
    • Productivity improvement

  • Vegetation Control Equipment

    Vegetation control train

    This new piece of equipment helps to better controling vegetation and weeds offering a unique spraying system.
    Available in full version of 4 modules or according to the needs of the service operator for hi-rail trucks


    Main characteristics :

    • Spraying modules for maximum accuracy on vegetation
    • High density cameras and lights
    • Wastewater disposal
    • Easy connection between modules
    • Comfort and ergonomics – control station with camera, joystick, screens: everything within reach of the operator; without forgetting the vision thanks to multiple windows
    • Functional storage, ventilated toilet and shower, dining area
    • Enough power and energy for long trips
    • Easy controls and functional accesses
    • Perfectly balance and safe dosage management

  • Rail Car Mover

    Rail car mover

    MS RAIL concluded an agreement with SOCOFER to adapt their outstanding Rail Car Mover to be used on North American track systems.

    State-of-the-art equipment for traction and shunting combining economical operation that respects the environment with the best working conditions for staff.

  • Special Projects

    Train wheel manipulator,Elevator plateform,Motorised independent platform car

    You cannot find on the market the equipment you need to meet your performance levels, both operational and financial, contact the MS RAIL team.

  • Aftermarket Services