Since 1965 Advanced Dynamics (AD) has provided and continues to provide its global customer base with world leading, innovative robust material handling solutions.  We focus on two main industries being pulp and paper and primary metals.


The pulp and paper group provides state of the art pulper feed systems which include industry leading bale de-wiring technology for kraft, wet lap and recycled bales.  At the other end of the paper making process, we provide fully automatic roll handling and wrapping systems from the winder to the warehouse.


The primary metals group brings forth handling solutions for aluminum carbon plants and cast houses. Our handling technology includes fully automated anode handling and cleaning systems, aluminum ingot and T-Bar handling and sawing systems and complete extrusion ingot homogenizing, sawing and packaging plants.


Whether you need a new system or upgrades to existing systems or simply individual pieces of equipment, we can help improve your company’s productivity.


To be competitive, we understand how important it is to optimize the resources. That is why at EPIQ MECFOR we aim to design and manufacture robust, reliable, and high-performance mobile equipment. We strive to constantly improve our equipment and, as much as possible, make it versatile and smart.


For more than 20 years, you have been able to rely on our multiple fields of expertise and skills which allow us to offer you informed recommendations and advice. Trust the engineering team who will be able to support you in your project on choosing the best proven technologies as well as on maximizing the performance of your equipment.


Passionate about mechanical engineering, we are interested in energy transformation and mechanical systems, which is very accurate with our latest auto-guided electrical hauler. We understand your challenges and master the design of mobile equipment of all kinds specialized for heavy industries with the most demanding constraints.


At EPIQ MECFOR, we are proud to be able to contribute to your success. Our mobile equipment helps you and will help you move forward and stay ahead of the curve.



In 2015 Advanced Dynamics purchased the Intellectual property rights from Brochot Hydromet. Since that time, we have evolved from our original handling solutions in the copper industry to now include material handling equipment for zinc, nickel, and cobalt.

AD Hydromet is a world leader in the design and supply of Cathode Stripping systems, Anode Scrap washing and Anode Preparation systems for the copper, zinc, nickel and cobalt hydrometallurgical industry.


AD Hydromet (ADH) is also supported by an extensive network of experienced partners.  This support allows us to provide wide-ranging and versatile solutions tailored to our customers’ requirements, with custom processes for your material handling requirements. We are able to supply everything from premium quality electrodes (cathodes and anodes) and process handling equipment, to complete plants on a turn-key basis, offering you innovative solutions.



Activities in the rail maintenance equipment sector started in 2010 under MECFOR. Nine years later, in 2019, the company decided to create a team dedicated to railroad maintenance equipment: MS RAIL.


Now, EPIQ MS Rail benefits from solid expertise in the design and manufacture of specialized equipment. A proactive approach and close support are exemplified by our customer-centric vision. Our production capacity allows great flexibility of adaptation according to operational needs and challenges. The focus on health and safety elements as well as productivity characterizes us. We rely on R&D and advanced technologies to provide equipment that will improve the working environment for operators while allowing them to achieve high levels of performance. When searching for a rail maintenance equipment supplier for changing climates and harsh working environments, think of MS RAIL.

  • Mission | Vision | Values


    Our Mission is to manufacture innovative and effective solutions for the global heavy equipment, vehicles and material handling systems market.
    We blur the lines between being a technology company and a heavy machinery manufacturer, by continuously integrating new technologies into our equipment to :

    • Enhance the operational efficiency and financial performance of our customers’ operations
    • Deliver health and safety benefits to their employees


    Our Vision for the future is to build an iconic Canadian brand within the heavy equipment industry, based on our core values and an innovative approach that:

    • We and future generations will be proud of
    • Employees will want to be a part of and
    • Customers will trust

    In the next five years we will lay the groundwork to achieve this vision by:

    • Achieving a critical mass of $100 Million in revenue through both acquisitions and organic growth
    • Enhancing both the employee and customer experience through the unification of the two merged companies and the creation of our operating credo, ‘The EPIQ Way’
    • Preparing our company for continued growth, by establishing a shared services group and an industrial strategy to leverage our manufacturing facilities for quality and cost competitiveness
    • Build on our existing culture and enthusiasm for innovation and professional challenges


    Passion for challenges

    At EPIQ Machinery, we are inspired and motivated by the challenges of integrating new automation technologies with traditional heavy equipment design. We constantly dare to innovate, bringing our ingenuity as well as best practices and technologies from around the world to deliver quality productivity solutions to our customers.


    Taking care of our people

    We have a long tradition of treating our employees like family. We work hard to constantly provide a safe and stimulating work environment based on cooperation and trust in all our divisions and work teams. Our talented employees are at the heart of our success and our vision is to ensure one of the highest levels of employee satisfaction in heavy industry as we evolve and grow.


    Building trust-based long-lasting relationships with clients and partners

    We invest heavily in building strong working relationships based on mutual respect and trust with all our partners. The strength and longevity of these relationships is at the heart of our business culture that we call the ‘EPIQ Way’. These collaborative relationships, along with the dedication of our employees are what allow us to consistently deliver innovative and quality solutions..


    Driving results for all stakeholders

    We are squarely focused on results for all our stakeholders. We continuously innovate to ensure the exceptional performance of our products in demanding conditions that deliver high levels of productivity and workplace safety for our customers, stimulating work for our employees and a solid return on investment for our shareholders.

  • Technical Experience & Innovation

    Technical Experience


    At EPIQ Machinery, our team abound in an array of skills and fields of expertise. The synergy that works among us allows you to benefit from recommendations and informed advice. Our engineering department will assist you in your project on the choice of the best proven technologies as well as on how to optimize your equipment for best efficiency.


    In addition, we can help you extend the working life of your existing equipment thanks to a performance audit carried out either by our highly qualified technicians from our after-sale service or by our product advisors.


    We master our techniques, from design to manufacturing. We endorse the principle of continuous improvement through training and participation in cutting-edge events.


    Innovation flows in our veins; in constant search for the best equipment to offer for a given sector. Specialized in heavy industries with the most demanding and harsh environment, each of us at EPIQ Machinery understands the importance of sturdy, reliable and efficient equipment that offers technology making your operations easier.