EPIQ Machinery is a leading equipment designer dedicated to offering innovative and efficient solutions for the global heavy equipment, vehicles, and material handling systems sector.


We specialize in offering equipment solutions that enhance processes in a variety of industries such as aluminum smelting, pulp and paper mills, and hydrometallurgy. The company blurs the lines between being a technology and heavy machinery manufacturer, incorporating cutting-edge tech into our products.


EPIQ values a customer-focused approach, building trust with clients and partners, and emphasizing flexible solutions. Our equipment is supported by an exceptional team of qualified technicans. With a strong international presence, EPIQ caters to various niche markets, ensuring a robust installed base.

AD is a leading brand in material handling solutions, focusing on the pulp and paper, and primary metals sectors.


In the pulp and paper industry, AD brand offers leading bale de-wiring technology and comprehensive roll handling systems.


For the primary metals sector, their expertise shines in providing anode handling and cleaning systems, especially for aluminum carbon plants. They boast innovative systems for aluminum handling through its billet batch homogenizing systems with a unique gantry system that doesn’t touch the billets.


AD brand also offers reliable and safe heavy material handling solutions, enhancing production capacities and safety. Upholding AD’s legacy is committing to boosting your productivity with our state-of-the-art solutions.

MECFOR specializes in the design of high-performance mobile equipment adapted to heavy industries, combining innovative design and robustness.


Our machines are optimized for versatility, intelligence and efficiency.


For over two decades, our multifaceted expertise has been a cornerstone. Our engineering team stands ready to guide you in selecting best proven technologies and maximizing your equipment’s performance. Rely on our informed advices.

With a fervor for mechanical engineering, we grasp the complexities of your challenges and excel in designing specialized mobile equipment for heavy industries with stringent requirements.


Let our MECFOR mobile equipment move you forward.

HYDROMET brand focuses on the copper, zinc, nickel, and cobalt industry.


HYDROMET stands at the forefront globally in designing and delivering Cathode Stripping systems, Anode Scrap washing, and Anode Preparation systems for the hydrometallurgical industry.


Furthermore, HYDROMET benefits from a robust network of seasoned partners. Their expertise, combined with ours, enables us to craft diverse and flexible solutions that are precisely aligned with your needs.


Whether it’s premium quality electrodes (both cathodes and anodes), processing equipment, or turn-key plants, we pride ourselves on delivering inventive solutions.

BROCHOT equipment have been around the aluminium smelters for over a century.


Under the BROCHOT brand, EPIQ can deliver a complete Rodding Shop of all modern pre-bake anode technology. We offer an anode management system which coordinates communications between the various carbon plant processes and manages the anode storage facilities.


In addition, get high-quality pot rebuilds using our world leading BROCHOT Pot Ramming Machine. Still today, the unique design favors an optimal compaction making sure that all joints are sealed properly.


Heavy Duty industries such as Primary Metals and Pulp and Paper deserve the latest heavy-duty technology in autonomous vehicles.


Under EPIQ DTA, you have access to a wide range of autonomous and semi-autonomous solutions crafted to fully respond to customer needs. Integration of industrial type robots into a global handling system requiring perfect synchronism can also be done.


Our combined skills and expertise aim to surpass end-users’ expectations by providing a custom-made solutions supporting the equipment towards its complete life cycle.

Stymer logo


STYMER provides Engineering Services of Design, Detailing, FEA, CFD and Contract Manpower.


Our qualified and experienced team offers the finest support for your engineering, product development, detailing and analysis needs.


STYMER understands you worries in outsourcing hence we have created well thought out communication system than keeps you updated of every development during the project execution period.

  • Commitment

    To become an iconic Canadian brand within the heavy equipment industry.


    To remain the foremost Canadian Company in the design and manufacture innovative and effective solutions for the global heavy equipment, vehicles and material handling systems market.


    To satisfy our client’s needs by providing systems that effectively fulfill their specific production requirements.


    To do so through:

    • Safe and practical design,
    • Robust construction,
    • On-time delivery,
    • Solid service support.


    To provide an interesting and rewarding place for our employees to work together and prosper.


  • Quality Policy

    EPIQ Machinerie is a key player in the global market for heavy equipment, vehicles and handling systems.


    At EPIQ Machinery, we have implemented a quality management system to ensure the highest levels of professionalism and effectiveness in our business processes.


    It is our policy to provide customers with quality products and services which meet or exceed contract specifications, and that we constantly strive to exceed customer expectations.


    Through ongoing and formal review, at Quality Management Meetings, EPIQ Machinery’s quality team reviews, refines and continually improves the Quality Management System through the establishment of objectives and measurement of success. This continuous review process ensures the ongoing suitability of this Quality Policy.


    To ensure that this Quality Policy forms part of EPIQ Machinery’s culture and is incorporated into day-to-day activities, this Quality Policy is issued and explained to every employee. All staff is trained on the requirements, meanings and implications of this Policy.

  • Technical Expertise & Innovation

    At EPIQ Machinery we blur the lines between being a technology company and a heavy machinery manufacturer, by continuously integrating new technologies into our equipment.

  • Mission | Vision | Values


    Our Mission is to offer innovative and effective solutions for the global heavy equipment, vehicles and material handling systems market.
    We blur the lines between being a technology company and a heavy machinery manufacturer, by continuously integrating new technologies into our equipment to :

    • Enhance the operational efficiency and financial performance of our customers’ operations
    • Deliver health and safety benefits to their employees


    Our Vision for the future is to build an iconic Canadian brand within the heavy equipment industry, based on our core values and an innovative approach that:

    • We and future generations will be proud of
    • Employees will want to be a part of and
    • Customers will trust

    In the next five years we will lay the groundwork to achieve this vision by:

    • Achieving a critical mass of $100 Million in revenue through both acquisitions and organic growth
    • Enhancing both the employee and customer experience through the unification of the two merged companies and the creation of our operating credo, ‘The EPIQ Way’
    • Preparing our company for continued growth, by establishing a shared services group and an industrial strategy to leverage our manufacturing facilities for quality and cost competitiveness
    • Build on our existing culture and enthusiasm for innovation and professional challenges


    A passion for challenges

    At EPIQ, our employees are passionate about challenges and dedicated to their work. They use their creativity and determination to find innovative solutions despite obstacles, while persevering to achieve exceptional results. We are constantly inspired and motivated by the integration of new technologies into the design of heavy equipment. By innovating with ingenuity and using global best practices, we deliver high-quality productivity solutions to our customers.

    Taking care of our own

    Taking care of our own at EPIQ, we foster a culture of team solidarity, family values and friendship among employees, encouraging mutual help and support to reinforce a sense of belonging to a united team. We promote work-life balance through appropriate policies and benefits. We coach, train and mentor our talented teams in a healthy, safe and collaborative work environment. Our caring culture and commitment to meeting employee needs and expectations make us an employer of choice in heavy industry.

    Challenging with respect

    At EPIQ, we encourage interpersonal relationships governed by respect. We believe in frank and open communication, allowing people to express their ideas and opinions without fear of judgment. We encourage questioning, discussion, and challenging the status quo, but we do so with open minds and courtesy, so that the pooling of our ideas brings a solution to each situation.

    Building lasting relationships based on trust

    At EPIQ, we invest heavily in professional relationships with customers and partners based on respect and trust. These strong ties, at the heart of our corporate culture, are fundamental to our success. Thanks to these partnerships and the commitment of our employees, we can continually offer innovative, high-quality solutions. We understand the impact of our reputation and customer satisfaction on our future, which motivates our long-term, value-driven approach. Our commitment to excellence defines our identity as an iconic company.