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EPIQ Machinery likes to think outside the box. as an innovative company, all of us believe in the constructive synergy of technology transfers from one industry to another.

EPIQ Machinery - Aluminium Plant

EPIQ Machinery is your partner in improving your productivity in your aluminium plant whether you need a robot cell or a simple conveyor. Our group of highly trained engineers, designers, and project managers will help you get the most of your plant on time and within your budget.

Material Handling Solution - EPIQ Machinery

We take pride in developing new equipment or an overall material handling solution for your specific operations. Contact us today!

EPIQ Machinery - Equipment Development PlantWe can take on your toughest challenges. Our goal? Increase your productivity. 5 decades of successful business speak for themselves.

At EPIQ Machinery

We blur the lines between being a technology company and a heavy machinery manufacturer, by continuously integrating new technologies into our equipment.

CAROL - Commercial Catalyst Removal Robot

CAROL®, the world’s first remote controlled commercial catalyst removal robot, significantly reduces the need for people inside reactors, which increases efficiency and reduces risk.

Annealing Furnace Tube Handler

The annealing furnace tube Handler is used to remove rollers from the convecool and heat exchanger. The equipment is autonomous and controllable by a single operator. It allows safe handling of the tubes and installation of replacement components inside the oven.

Remote-controlled Equipment

This mobile, remote-controlled equipment makes it easy to replace vibrating feeders for maintenance.


  • Nuclear and Hydrocarbon

    It is with a happy crossroads of technologies that mecfor began its activities in the petrochemical and nuclear industries.


    In the nuclear industry, Mecfor develops sophisticated articulated robots used for the removal of contaminated resins.


    As for the hydrocarbon sector, it benefits from the amphirol and robot knowledge by creating a revolutionary equipment in the extraction of catalysts in confined space: CAROL (catalyst removal) – CAROL – Robotic Catalyst Removal


    With these two applications, Mecfor improves worker safety and achieves high levels of efficiency.

    Mecfor: creativity combined with technical expertise.

    Our equipment :

    CAROL – Catalyst Removal

    Robot Arm for Resin Removal

  • Mining

    Open Pit Mining

    Its proximity to canada’s natural resource industries allows mecfor to bring its knowledge and expertise to the benefit of the mining sector, particularly for open pit mining.


    Mining ore is an arduous operation that can be complex because of the weather conditions. To tame elements, Mecfor offers rock spreaders and water tanks. Also in its portfolio, Mecfor includes heavy truck semi-trailers and over-sized towing tools.

    Maximizing productivity, reducing costs and unplanned outages while taking advantage of manufactured equipment for maximum service life are the elements factored in Mecfor equipment.

    Our equipment :

    Cargo Ship Loading Cab

    Lowboy Trailer

    Rock or Water Spreader

    Handling Trolley for Vibratory Feeder

    Tube Handler for Annealing Furnace

  • Carbon Electrode Handling and Cleaning Systems

    Carbon Electrode Handling and Cleaning Systems

    For carbon producers who provide electrodes for electric arc furnaces (EAF), EPIQ Machinery provides a complete line of electrode handling and cleaning systems, which include:

    • Roller and chain type conveyors specifically suited to the environment of the carbon plant
    • Sagger can load/ unload machines
    • Electrode brush type and scraper type cleaning systems
    • Load/ Unload of carbon electrode machining centers
    • Upenders/ Downenders
    • End Facing Machines
    • Weigh stations and labelling stations
    • Bundle formation and strapping stations

  • Coil Handling, Packaging Systems and Gantry Cranes

    Video gallery

    Video gallery

    Coil Handling and Packaging Systems

    For coil producers, EPIQ Machinery provide a complete range of mechanized, semi-automatic and fully automatic coil handling and packaging equipment including the following:

    • Coil Cars – ID/OD
    • Conveyors
    • Upenders
    • Turnstiles
    • Manipulators
    • Weigh Scales
    • Stretch Packaging
    • Kraft Packaging
    • Palletizing – Eye horizontal/ Eye vertical
    • Strapping – around bilge and through the eye

    Automated Bridge and Gantry Cranes

    As part of a plant wide material handling system or as a standalone machine, EPIQ Machinery provides its clients with automatic and semi-automatic cranes for their mission critical production processes.  These cranes are rated for intense 24/7 service.

  • Fiberglass Bagging Systems

    Fiberglass Bagging Systems

    EPIQ Machinery supplies fiberglass batt stackers, fiberglass balers, fiberglass choppers and folders to the insulation industry including all attendant conveying and handling systems.  Please contact us for your specific fiberglass handling and processing needs.

  • ADF Engineering

    Our partner ADF Engineering shows a strong growth thanks to its main fields of action: the engineering, design and manufacture of custom heavy material handling systems.


    The parent companies, EPIQ Machinerie and FAFECO India, are recognized on an international scale in the industrial world. They combine more than 50 years of experience in offering innovative and efficient solutions for the global market of heavy equipment, vehicles and handling systems, in many sectors such as: primary metals, pulp and paper mills , hydrometallurgy and railway equipment.


    ADF Engineering, a strong trusted partner, member of the EPIQ family. Check out their realisations.

    Using the most sophisticated tools available, STYMER is offering Engineering support.
    The team can also take various mandates for product design, detail engineering, finite element analysis (FEA), and CFD.


    NOVIMEQ Automation logoNOVIMEQ Automation is born from a core of ADF Engineering employees. It also welcomes the team of former MOR4SYS Private Limited, bringing onboard experienced engineers committed to deliver unparalleled industrial automation and digitalization solutions.


    The company is showing in-depth comprehensive range of services includes detailed designing and consultancy, software development, integration and testing, supervision for erection and commissioning, and automation training.

    NOVIMEQ Automation - fileds of expertise


    The group already operates in many sectors such as: robotics, technical competency development, process and safety, industry 4.0 and digitalization, CNC systems, simulations and virtual commissioning. In addition to this, NOVIMEQ Automation will work with EPIQ Machinery technical teams towards greater automation integration for their heavy-duty equipment solution offers like: AGVs, AMRs and robotic arms.


  • Rail Equipment

    Maintenance of Way (MOW) Equipment tailored to your needs

    Under MECFOR brand, EPIQ Machinery offers rail maintenance equipment for transits, railroads and contractors.


    When it comes time to think of rail maintenance equipment for changing climates and harsh working environments, MECFOR comes to mind. Despite the extreme operating conditions, MECFOR equipment is sturdy, ergonomic and among the most reliable in the industry.


    The company benefits from a creative and experienced team always ready to outdo the needs of its customers. From design to manufacturing, including refurbishing and scheduled maintenance, MECFOR presents a solid know-how in the railway sector.


    MECFOR mission is to manufacture innovative and effective solutions for the railroads, but also subways and trams as well as branched industrial sites. With our passion for challenges, we will also take on Special projects.


    MECFOR Rail Changer, model UTV, offers high safety standards and level of comfort for your crew. This multipurpose rail equipment comes handy when rail maintenance is done on long distance in remote regions.

    Latest equipment to be launched, MECFOR Vegetation Control Unit is loaded with high-level technologies for greater control over chemicals used at this task, making the equipment environmentally and community friendly.

    Rail Maintenance Vehicle

    Rail changer | utility rail vehicle, model UTV

    MECFOR Rail Changer, UTV model, comes with Standard functionalities:

    • Hydraulic hood
    • Hydrostatic transmission
    • External fail-safe hydraulic brake
    • Two (2) powered axles
    • 180-degrees rotation system
    • CAN control system
    • Two command seats
    • Lunchroom
    • Numerous locks for increased safety

    Lorry with crane|material handling

    Lorry trailer is used to form a convoy pulled by a towing vehicle.

    • Articulated boom loading crane
    • Hydraulic power unit on the crane driven by an electric motor
    • Floor load capacity: 6,800 kg
    • Speed: 40 km / h

    Boggie trailer

    Our boggie trailers feature :

    • Generator
    • Spacious toolboxes
    • 40-foot cargo space
    • Access ladder to the bridge
    • Removable bodyguards
    • Anti-derailment system
    • Pressurized air
    • Disc brakes
    • Locomotive light

    Modular road/rail equipment

    • Vegetation control module
    • Catenary maintenance module
    • Crane and beam module
    • Water tank module
    • Defrost module
    • Other modules that can be adapted (e.g.: abrasives and high-pressure cleaning)

    Welding truck

    • Crane
    • Storage boxes
    • Pressurized air
    • Winch
    • Welder & accessories

    Vegetation control train

    This new piece of equipment helps to better controling vegetation and weeds offering a unique spraying system.

    Available in full version of 4 modules or according to the needs of the service operator for hi-rail trucks


    Main characteristics :

    • Spraying modules for maximum accuracy on vegetation
    • High density cameras and lights
    • Wastewater disposal
    • Easy connection between modules
    • Comfort and ergonomics – control station with camera, joystick, screens: everything within reach of the operator; without forgetting the vision thanks to multiple windows
    • Functional storage, ventilated toilet and shower, dining area
    • Enough power and energy for long trips
    • Easy controls and functional accesses
    • Perfectly balance and safe dosage management

    Rail Car Mover


    Special Projects

    Your needed equipment is no where to found! Call EPIQ team for rail maintenance equipment that offers high level of performance, both operational and financial.

    Train wheel manipulator and Elevator plateform


    Locomotive Turntable

    Our client was looking to rejuvenate his turntable which had been installed and put into operation in the early 1920s. We had the mandate to design, manufacture and supervise the installation of a turntable respecting the new standards and the new operational reality of the client, and this, inside the imprint of the original table.


    The project was carried out in synergy with several stakeholders. Frequent communications during the project made it possible to quickly resolve the limiting issues identified by each of the stakeholders. Thanks to listening and the sharing of expertise between everyone, we have delivered equipment of which we are proud.


    The turntable is now quieter, easier to operate and maintain. It stands our rigorous winters with heavy accumulations of snow! The turntable project had all the characteristics that drive our passion for challenges.

  • Aftermarket Services

    Support the Equipment until the end of its useful life

    EPIQ Machinery offers a comprehensive suite of services and solutions designed to provide our customers with unprecedented value and cost savings throughout the life span of equipment and systems. Learn more on our Aftermarket services.

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