“A World Leader In The Design And Manufacture Of Material Handling Systems For The Non-Ferrous Metals Industry”

EPIQ Hydromet is a world leader brand of equipment for Cathode Stripping systems, Anode Scrap washing and Anode Preparation systems for the copper, zinc, nickel and cobalt hydrometallurgical industries and is supported by an extensive network of experienced partners.


Our company finds wide-ranging and versatile solutions tailored to your requirements, with custom processes for your material handling requirements. We are able to supply everything from Limpact Premium quality electrodes to process handling equipment, to complete plants on a turn-key basis.

EPIQ Machinery Hydromet

EPIQ Hydromet is your partner in improving your productivity in your cell house whether you need a robot cell or a simple conveyor. Our group of highly trained engineers, designers, and project managers will help you get the most of your plant on time and within your budget.

Material Handling Solution - EPIQ Machinery

We take pride in developing new equipment or an overall material handling solution for your specific operations. Contact us today!

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We can take on your toughest challenges. Our goal? Increase your productivity. More than 5 decades of successful business speak for themselves.


  • Copper EW and ER Plants & Technology

    Cathode Stripping Machines

    Design features

    • Greatly Improved SAFETY – Fully electrical powered means NO residual stored power
    • Production Capacities – up to 500 cathodes per hour design stripping rates
    • No hydraulics means no risk of copper contamination by hydraulic oil
    • An innovative full face cathode wash system – cathodes at 45° to wash spray headers and spaced at 700 mm
    • Two (2) independent stripping stations – one down ; keep working at reduced rate
    • Sampling of Copper Cathode – 100% of the copper surface area
    • Robotic Design is more reliable and flexible than the conventional linear transfer systems
    • Ruged and heavy duty construction

    Robotic Anode Preparation Machine

    Design features

    •  State of the art Robotic design
    • Capacities – 250 or 500 anode per hour machines
    • Anode is handled only by the body of the anode – NOT the lug !
    • Improved SAFETY – easy access and view of all equipment

    Robotic Anode Scrap Wash Machine

    Design features

    • State of the art Robotic design
    • 3 Stage full face wash of scrap anodes
    • Improved SAFETY – reduced operator intervention and ease of access

    Other Tankhouse Equipment

    In partnership with our network of highly qualified and high experienced supply partners, we can offer our clients the complete core process equipment package to secure, modernize and increase your production:

    • Limpact Explosion Bonded Cathodes
    • Lead Anodes
    • Production Cranes
    • Electrolytic Cells
    • Cell Top Furniture, Capping Blocks,
    • DC Bus Systems
    • Ventilation systems

  • Zinc EW Plants & Technology

    Cathode Stripping/Brushing Machine

    • Production Capacities up to 300 cathodes per hour
    • Possibility to strip cathodes without the use of insulators parts (stripping disks)
    • Increased cathode life
    • Fully Automatic Operation
    • Minimum Footprint

    Anode Refurbishment Equipment

    • Multi stage anode cleaning process to suit operating conditions
    • Washing and Brushing
    • Straightening
    • Fully automatic handling


    Automatic Overhead Electrode Handling Equipment

    • Fully Automatic operation
    • Integrated Drip trays
    • IR scanning of contacts
    • Non-contact electrode positioning system

  • Nickel & Cobalt EW Plants & Technology

    Copper, Nickel and Cobalt Stripping Systems

    For electrolytic refineries for Copper, Nickel, Cobalt and Zinc, EPIQ AD provides a complete line of electrode (anode/ cathode) handling and processing systems which include:

    • Chain conveyors
    • Transfer Cars
    • Robotic pick and place
    • Rinse stations, Acid wash stations
    • High pressure wash stations
    • Shot blast stations
    • Rotary and linear type stripping systems to remove metal from cathodes
    • Rotary and linear type anode preparation stations (manual and automatic)
    • Vision inspection stations to analyse quality of harvested metal and condition of cathodes.
    • Sheet stacking, labelling and strapping equipment.
    • Integrated software for harvesting schedule
    • Fully integrated controls system

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  • Aftermarket Services

    Support the Equipment until the end of its useful life

    EPIQ Machinery offers a comprehensive suite of services and solutions designed to provide our customers with unprecedented value and cost savings throughout the life span of equipment and systems. Learn more on our Aftermarket services.