EPIQ Machinery Aftermarket Services

EPIQ Machinery Aftermarket Services benefits our customers by significantly increasing the economic life of their equipment, by reducing their overall maintenance costs, and by minimizing their production downtime thus improving business profits.


EPIQ Machinery offers you a single point of contact to help solve your problems and keep your equipment operational.

Take advantage of all the benefits from a single point of contact for your equipment parts


We take pride in providing the best technical assistance and technological expertise to ensure your maintenance staff is fully supported.

Technical Assistance & Technological Expertise


Our team offers an array of services such as


After Sale Services

After Sale Services


Benefit of our after-sale service available 24/7, 365 days a year, wherever you are.


Make sure that your operators follow EPIQ Machinery OEM recommendations on your equipment to maximise their outputs. Also, ensure that your maintenance teams can quickly and easily handle with confidence any situation that may occur; putting the equipment back to work.




Installation, commissioning & Start-up

Installation, commissioning & start-up


Rely on our qualified technicians to supervise the installation crews, ensure compliance and proper operation of your equipment. Count on EPIQ Machinery After-Sale Technicians for a hassle-free commissioning and start-up of your equipment.

Contact our team for quick and efficient troubleshooting.
Field Service
Through our PM Inspections, service technicians provide on-site system maintenance and improvements to existing production systems.

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance

Technical Audits & Equipment Optimization

Technical audits & equipment optimization



EPIQ Machinery equipment are built to last, extend their lifespan by periodic upgrades.


Exploring options, validating hypotheses; making use of EPIQ Machinery’s expertise.

Pre-Feasibility Study & Expertise

Pre-Feasibility study and/or expertise

  • Spare Parts Inquiry


    EPIQ Machinery Aftermarket Services is dedicated to keeping your production equipment operational with minimal downtime. We offer you a full range of up-to-date spare parts at competitive prices with guaranteed fast delivery. Your mission-critical spare parts, such as those subject to high wear or long lead items, will be prioritized.


    Benefits of ordering your equipment parts from us:


    • Single point of contact for your up-to-date spare parts
    • Technical assistance to identify the right part
    • Competitive pricing through OEM discounts passed on to you
    • Fast delivery to you direct from our warehouse
    • Your spare parts list will be prioritized by high wear or re-order lead times.


    EPIQ Machinery Spare Parts

  • Service / Aftermarket

    Maintenance Programs or Service Agreements

    Maintenance Programs / Service Agreements

    • Scheduled maintenance contracts to maintain or restore original equipment efficiency
    • Field service contracts


    Robot Programming & Troubleshooting

    Qualified technicians conduct on-site and off-site robot programming and troubleshooting.

    Specialized Training 

    Training specialists conduct on-site and off-site training on new and existing production systems.

    Specialized Training

  • 24/7 Hotline Support

    EPIQ AD / EPIQ Hydromet
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    +1 (418) 543.1632