Autoguided Vehicle Solutions

Specialized Mobile Equipment for Heavy Industry

For over 20 years, EPIQ Machinery has developed an in-depth knowledge of Specialized Mobile equipment for the heavy industry. Since 2016, the company is looking into expanding its offer by adding Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) to its portfolio. This initiative has led to search for an industrial partner sharing the same vision and customer-centric approach. In Fall 2022, the company announced its partnership with DTA SA.


By teaming together, their goals are aligned. EPIQ Machinery will be able to respond actively, among others, to North American opportunities custom-designed heavy-duty AGV, act as global material handling solution integrator and provide local after-sale technical support.


The industry witnesses a shift to digital connectivity and automation in heavy industries. Industrials are looking for ways to maintain operations while overcoming labor shortage they are facing over the last years. The market for specialised/custom made heavy-duty AGVs and the rising demand for industrial type robots is expected to bloom on a short-term period.


EPIQ Machinery and DTA wants to actively be part of this shift. The teaming agreement opens new opportunities in the manufacturing and assembly industries, such as worldwide Primary metals industry, the North American Pulp and Paper and other specialized industries.


As the AGV market is booming, the cooperation between EPIQ Machinery and DTA is of added value. The combination of the skills of the two equipment manufacturers, leaders in their field, can only benefit end-user customers what ever sector of heavy industry they are.

EPIQ Machinery DTA Equipment

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EPIQ Machinery - DTA Heavy Equipment

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Material Handling Solution by EPIQ Machinery

We take pride in developing new equipment or an overall material handling solution for your specific requirement. Contact us today!


  • Anode and Metal AGV Haulers

    The automated guided vehicle (AGV) is designed to carry crucibles of molten metal weighing up to 34 tons but can also be used to transport various loads in harsh environments.

    The vehicle is able to maneuver in completely autonomous fashion within complex environments posing numerous challenges, such as strong magnetic fields, dust, wide temperature variations and constant interactions with workers and other equipment.

    The innovative vehicle was created in part from a need to reduce the industry’s ecological footprint, and thus represents a first step toward the ultimate goal: to help EPIQ’s customers achieve their zero-emission objectives and offer environmentally responsible ingots.

  • Multipurpose AGV

    Our standard platform AGV comes with different capacities and configurations. From 5 to 300 tons, it can be fully configured to suit your needs. Roll conveyor, lifting platform, forklift, belt conveyor, etc.


    A lot of steering options are also possible; standard, crab, carousel, omnidirectional, etc. We can also provide rail guided solutions.


    Lots of different technologies can be integrated such as weighing system, 3D vision, payload detection, and many more depending on your need.

  • Aftermarket Services

    Support the equipment until the end of its useful life

    EPIQ Machinery offers a comprehensive suite of services and solutions designed to provide our customers with unprecedented value and cost savings throughout the life span of equipment and systems. Learn more on our Aftermarket services.

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