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Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville (QC, Canada) and Morgantown (PA, USA), February 16, 2022 – EPIQ Machinery is pleased to announce that Taylor Northeast (TNE), a US-based material handling equipment supplier, is now the factory-authorized distributor of EPIQ MECFOR mobile equipment, products, and parts, for the entire US market.

As of January 1, 2022, all EPIQ MECFOR mobile equipment sales, rentals, and aftermarket support in the US will be handled through TNE and their affiliate company, H&K Equipment. EPIQ MECFOR is a brand of EPIQ Machinery offering very unique mobile equipment expertise for harsh working environments.

Headquartered in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, TNE has decades of experience in sales, rental, remanufacturing, service, and parts support for large-capacity lift trucks and highly specialized industrial equipment. We are confident that TNE’s position, expertise, and broad geographic reach will enable us to better provide our industry-leading custom material handling solutions to customers anywhere in the United States.

Chet Pawelski, TNE’s EPIQ MECFOR US Sales Specialist, will be available for all sales, rental, and technical inquiries as well as to advise on new and existing equipment.

Buck Shirey, TNE’s EPIQ MECFOR US Support Specialist, will process all US parts orders as well as service and aftermarket requests.

This partnership will allow a greater and a closer coverage of the United States to better service to our EPIQ MECFOR mobile equipment customers.

“As EPIQ Machinery continues to grow, we are excited to have this opportunity to expand our equipment and service offerings in the United States. TNE shares our commitment to quality and service, and we are thrilled to bring their passion and expertise to our US customers through this partnership.”

Yannick Beaulé, Chief Revenue Officer
EPIQ Machinery

“We were drawn to EPIQ Mecfor because as an organization we’ve been providing this kind of highly specialized equipment to myriad heavy industries for decades. The entire team here at TNE closely understands the challenges that aluminum producers face in finding the right piece of mobile equipment for their demanding applications, and there really is no other dealer in the country that is set up to address those needs the way that we are. We have been working with EPIQ MECFOR for several years, and this expanded partnership represents a tremendous opportunity for us to better serve our customers throughout the US.”

Kevin G. Koch, Sales Manager
Taylor Northeast

About TNE
TNE, a founding member of the H&K Equipment Group, was established as Taylor Northeast in 1989 by George Koch and Pete Cicero to provide high-capacity lift trucks and specialized material handling systems to customers in eastern Pennsylvania and the greater Philadelphia area. Today, TNE organizations operate from 12 facilities in five states. In addition to custom heavy equipment, TNE and its affiliated companies provide container handlers, railcar movers, jockey trucks, burden carriers, industrial electromagnets, and heavy machine transportation. TNE also specializes in modifying and equipping lift trucks and reachstackers for distinct applications in a wide range of industries.

For more information about aluminum industry and heavy-duty mill equipment from TNE, please visit To learn more about TNE and the H&K Equipment Group, visit and

About EPIQ Machinery
EPIQ Machinery is a world-leader in heavy equipment for the aluminum, pulp and paper, and rail equipment industries. The company has a critical mass internationally with diversified activities on various niche markets providing a solid installed base and a strong capacity for its aftermarket services.

EPIQ Machinery shows strong leadership in the development of its own innovative technologies: Mobile Equipment, Autonomous Vehicle (AGV), Fixed Equipment, Process Systems, Industry 4.0 Robotics and Automation Center. To learn more about EPIQ Machinery, browse our website

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