EPIQ Machinery and DTA are teaming up to better serve the aluminium producers with AGV solutions

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Montreal, September 7, 2022 – EPIQ Machinery Chief Executive Officer, Éloïse Harvey, and DTA Chief Executive Officer, Miguel de Sebastian Merello are proud to announce their recent teaming agreement. This close collaboration between EPIQ Machinery and DTA is full of potential bringing an array of AGVs possibilities for the international aluminium market.

With overs 20 years of experience in designing and supplying heavy-duty vehicles, EPIQ Machinery has an in-depth knowledge of the aluminium industry and its challenges. Since 2016, the company is investing in Research and Development to design the safest and the most reliable Electrical autoguided vehicle to be operated in aluminium smelters potrooms.

Following the launch of the AGV TEAM prototype in 2018, the first North American electrical autoguided Molten Metal hauler, EPIQ Machinery was looking for a partner to better support all requests coming from the larger aluminium industry. The focus on the global international market of aluminium producers (primary and secondary) is to offer a wider range of AGV equipment under the EPIQ AGV brand.

In the aluminium industry, there are many heavy-load travels done between various sectors (ladle of molten metal, anodes, coil, ingots, etc.). Each requiring a rigorous analysis of inputs to ensure safe travel in all conditions, indoor and outdoor, winter and summer.

This partnership offers the aluminium producers proven AGV solutions backed by DTA, the world most advanced manufacturer of autoguided solutions. The goal of EPIQ Machinery teaming with DTA is to bring the AGV technology accessible and in accordance with our clients’ specific needs. EPIQ Machinery will also act as solution integrator and provide after-sale technical support.

EPIQ Machinery and DTA want to embrace the aluminium producers towards the shift to Industry 4.0. by offering global material handling system integration into plants. As the AGV market is booming, the cooperation between EPIQ Machinery and DTA is timely. The combination of the skills of the two equipment manufacturers, leaders in their field, can only benefit end-user customers. Together, sharing their passion for challenges, for safer and smarter moves.

About DTA
Since 1972, DTA specializes in designing and manufacturing of self-propelled transporters for on site transportation from 1 to 1.200 tons. DTA’s transporters have been used in different sectors like windmill, railway, shipbuilding, automotive, aerospace, steelmill and foundries, port industry and others.

DTA, the smart move when switching from conventional to AGV mobile equipment.

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