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EPIQ AD pulper feed systems are an industry staple. The higher the production, the fewer the operators, the BETTER!
Our product range covers dried market pulp, wetlap, mechanical pulp, and recycled paper. Wire removal is our specialty.
See our latest line of robotic dewirers.


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Automatic bale Dewiring System - K2K

EPIQ Machinery is your partner in 
improving your productivity in your paper mill. Our group of highly trained engineers, designers and project managers will help you get the most of your plant on time and within your budget.

We can take on your toughest challenges.
Our goal? Increase your productivity. 5 decades of successful business speak for themselves.



We take pride in developing new equipment
or an overall material handling solution for your specific pulp and paper mill requirement. Contact us today!


  • Pulper Feed Systems

    Pulp and Wetlap Bale Systems

    When it comes to kraft pulp bale & wetlap bale handling EPIQ Machinery is your solution supplier. We know bales; un-wrapper, wrapper, wires on, wires off, plastic straps, re-pulpable straps, glued, single bales, stacked bales, unit stacks. EPIQ Machinery understands the particular needs for your specific product handling needs to ensure high production throughput, high quality, undamaged superior finished product.



    Recycled Bale Systems



    A forefront innovator in recycle bale handling, sorting and dewiring technology.  With our continual evolvement of our equipment solution we create better performing equipment the improves our customers’ needs and industry demands. EPIQ Machinery’ R-Dewiring platform covers a wide range of products from;

    • waste paper bales
    • OCC bales
    • shredded bales
    • trim bales


    We can also remove wires or straps from carpet bales to bales of plastic bottles to meet our customers ever changing requirements to recycle.

    Video gallery

    • Paper recycle bale R dewire > Video


    Market Leadership; EPIQ Machinery is the number one manufacturer of automatic kraft bale dewiring systems in North America. With 3-generations of proven and field tested automatic dewiring to our “Next Generation”, K2K Robotic Dewiring System. If your product has wires, we can remove them efficiently, and safely. Our solutions can be complete as a system package or can be individual pieces of equipment that can be retro-fitted into your facility.

    Video gallery

    • Machinery automatic robot dewiring station > Video
    • Paper recycle bale R dewire > Video

  • Roll Handling Systems

    We’ll handle your rolls through our plant specific designed material handling from the paper machine to the packaging areas.  The rolls will then be allowed for safe and protected storage in your warehousing area.

    Winder Decks

    Winder deck design and operator safety is our strength. As the industry moves towards automated decks for separating and labeling rolls, EPIQ Machinery is leading the way with innovative solutions that responsibly combine automation with operator intervention.

    Conveying Systems

    Damage free roll handling is at the core of our conveying systems. Whether elevating or lowering rolls, bilge transferring on impact free MoveRoll™ decks, or basic conveying with either belt, chain or slat conveyors, we will match the equipment to your mill specific needs.

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    Warehouse Systems

    The paper roll’s integrity is the key consideration for all warehouse systems . The roll tracking combined with roll upender/rotator, label positioner, and accumulation conveyors are the basic elements for any successful warehouse system.

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  • Roll Wrapping Systems

    Roll wrapping systems using programmable head placement and label application robots offer you the best in automated equipment at a very competitive cost. Our kraft and stretch wrapping systems are the two most popular wraplines that we will custom build.

    Kraft Wrapping

    Whether its a low-profile, overhead type or mini-wrapper concept, our kraft wrapping system incorporates the six basic operations:

    • product identification
    • wrapping
    • head placement (manual or robotic)
    • crimping
    • heading
    • labelling


    Your required output and your desired level of automation, combined with the basic requirements (diameter, width and weight) will determine the Kraft wrapping technology we will offer you. EPIQ Machinery offers our signature “NIPLESS” wrapper dispenser in any of our system configurations….

    Video gallery

    Stretch Wrapping

    Radial or Axial stretch wrapping systems which are often combined are the two popular styles offered to the market. They incorporate identification, head insertion (manual or automatic), wrapping and labelling. Our stretch wraplines are custom-built to fit your mill and to meet your production requirements. Our diverse product line has several versions of each of the above, tailored to your specific packaging requirements
    EPIQ Machinery offers our signature “NIPLESS” wrapper dispenser in any of our system configurations…

  • AGV Solutions

    We are witnessing a shift to digital connectivity and automation in heavy industrial sectors.  The market for specialized/custom-made heavy-duty AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) / AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots) and the rising demand for industrial type robots are expected to boom in the short term.


    The Pulp & Paper industry is no different to this trend. There is a significant increase in automated paper roll handling using intelligent mobile machinery vs. “fixed-to-the-floor” machinery. Many automation options are available to provide greater integration of logistics operations, and better coordination between the different sectors of a mill Open platform control systems for AGVs and fixed equipment, that avoid black boxes, can allow mills to make on-the-spot corrections to keep the product flowing.


    EPIQ Machinery wants to actively be part of this shift. Custom-designed heavy-duty AGV and transporters are required to meet an industrial customer’s specific needs in the manufacturing and assembly industries. Check our AGV Solutions page.

  • Aftermarket Services

    Support the Equipment until the end of its useful life

    EPIQ Machinery offers a comprehensive suite of services and solutions designed to provide our customers with unprecedented value and cost savings throughout the life span of equipment and systems. Learn more on our Aftermarket services.