Revolutionizing Material Handling: Introducing EPIQ Machinery

Each day, material handlers move mountains of goods, not to mention all material handling that are taking place in heavy industrial environments. Nowadays, not only the Material Handling need to be efficient, but semi or fully automated works better.

This is what EPIQ offers to Pulp & Paper, Aluminium and Hydrometallurgy industrials. These equipment help streamline operations and maximize output. As a specialized equipment designer, EPIQ Machinery stands tall with commitment to innovation and years of experience. EPIQ Machinery has emerged as a game-changer in the industry. Their cutting-edge material handling systems are designed to meet specific material handling needs across industries. These systems help businesses to optimize their material handling operations, minimize operational costs, and boost overall efficiency. This post explores the products and services offered by EPIQ Machinery and the reasons that set them apart from other heavy equipment and material handling manufacturers worldwide.

What Makes EPIQ Machinery a Global Leader in Heavy Equipment, Vehicles, and Material Handling Systems Market

The following factors have contributed to EPIQ’s growth in the heavy equipment, vehicles, and material handling industry.

  1. Innovative and Effective Solutions: Since its early beginning, EPIQ Machinery has strived to deliver robust material handling solutions to its clients. It serves customers through – AD, MECFOR, BROCHOT, EPIQ DTA and HYDROMET line of products.
    • AD: delivers robust material handling solutions to its clients across primary metals and pulp and paper industries. The pulp and paper group offers innovative pulper feed systems equipped with bale de-wiring technology for wet lap, Kraft, and recycled bales. EPIQ also provides automatic roll handling and wrapping systems under this brand. As for the Primary metal, AD line of product outclass industry with its Extrusion batch homogenizing billet systems It’s unique touchless gantry crane design moves load without damaging finished goods.
    • MECFOR: EPIQ provides robust and high-performance mobile equipment under this brand. The company understands the material handling systems challenges across industries and designs the equipment to overcome them. The MECFOR vehicles is a trusted brand by the aluminium industry players for its sturdy design, reliability, and safety of operations. MECFOR helps clients to move forward and stay ahead of the curve.
    • BROCHOT: Completely dedicated Rod Shop equipment, the BROCHOT line of products is a beauty of synchronism. With all the stations required in this sector of a Primary Aluminium Smelter, no doubt that all need to be quarter turn adjusted to avoid backlog of anode supply.
    • EPIQ DTA: A new addition to EPIQ’s offer, the EPIQ DTA is a Custom-designed heavy-duty automated guided vehicles (AGV)and transporters line. This line is to meet industrial customer’s specific needs in the manufacturing and assembly industries. It is the bridge between two transfer stations, the link between the factory and the warehouse area. In short, EPIQ DTA is the automated solution which eliminates the repetitive movements formerly made by operators.
    • HYDROMET: Under this brand, the company provides cathode stripping systems, anode preparation systems, and anode scrap washing specific for the zinc, copper, nickel, and cobalt hydrometallurgical industry.
  2. Aftermarket Services: EPIQ provides a comprehensive range of aftermarket services and solutions designed to help customers optimize the value of their investments. Their team offers services such as after sale services, training, installation, commissioning, and start-up, technical assistance, technical audits and equipment optimization and so on.
  3. Quality: EPIQ has implemented in quality management systems to ensure the effectiveness and the highest level of professionalism in its business processes. The company strives to deliver quality products and services that often exceed the specifications of contract. The EPIQ Machinery’s team regularly reviews and improves the Quality Management System by establishing ambitious objectives and tracking them rigorously.
  4. Passion for Challenges: EPIQ Machinery has taken up the challenges of integrating automation technologies with heavy equipment material handling designs. The company employs the best practices of engineering and automation technologies to build quality high-productivity solutions to customers.
  5. Builds Lasting Relationships with Clients and Partners: EPIQ Machinery builds collaborative relationships with its clients. These relationships are based on mutual trust and respect for each other. The company confirms how these relationships combined with its employee dedication has helped it deliver innovative solutions all these years.

Do you wish to improve the operational efficiency and financial performance of your manufacturing facility or warehousing? If that sounds yes, you can contact the experts at EPIQ Machinery today. They will be happy to answer your queries and guide you with the selection of the right equipment for your facility.