There is more to EPIQ Machinery than meets the eye.

EPIQ Machinery four brands - primary metals

EPIQ blurs the lines between being a technology company and a heavy machinery manufacturer, by continuously supplying new and innovative technologies. Therefore, doing business with a versatile and diversified equipment supplier such as EPIQ Machinery helps provide a global vision to streamline the progress of expansion and performance improvement projects. This allows us to live our mission: design the best solutions.

Our team cumulates years of expertise with brands that are recognized in the industry: AD, MECFOR, BROCHOT and more recently EPIQ DTA. We adopt a global solution approach that integrates fixed and mobile equipment to reach better operational efficiencies and optimum levels of automation. Our passion for challenges drives our team to explore alternative ideas and available technologies in order to maximize the level of automation, while having the best production rate at the lowest operational costs possible.

There is more to EPIQ Machinery than meets the eye: find out for yourself. Watch the video or read the full article under our blog section.